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IC Asociados
Parque Empresarial Los Llanos, parcela 266.
Avda. de Salteras 41909 Salteras, Sevilla
Teléfono 00 (34) 902 36 12 82

Registered in the Companies Register of Sevilla
Volume 2.417, Page 64,
Page SE-27.817
VAT number A-41.356.015


Through this note,  IC Asociados S.A. , with registered address at Parque Empresarial Los Llanos Avda. de Salteras P-266 B-3 41.909 Salteras, Sevilla and with the email address informs the users of its website about its Data Protection Policy so that the Users might determine, freely and voluntarily if they want to provide  IC Asociados S.A. with the personal data that might be required or that might be obtained from the users when they subscribe to any of the services offered by  IC Asociados S.A. on its website or via its website.  IC Asociados S.A. reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential changes or industry practice.

Register of files and forms

All Personal Data collected will be dealt with automatically and incorporated in the File that is detailed in the information clause in each section in which personal data is obtained and which, conforming  to the applicable law, is written in the General Register of Data Protection.

IC Asociados S.A. provides the Users with the necessary technical resources to, as previously stated, be able to access this note on the Privacy Policy or any other important information and will be able to give their consent so that  IC Asociados S.A. proceeds with the automated treatment of their personal data. Apart from the fields in which the opposite is indicated, the answers to the questions about personal data are voluntary, and not replying does not imply a reduction in the quality or quantity of corresponding service, unless indicated otherwise.

Accuracy and veracity of the data provided

The users guarantee and vouch, in all cases, for the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided, and promise to keep them duly updated.

The users have recognised and will be able to exercise rights of access, cancellation, correction and opposition, just as they have recognised the right to be informed of the uses of data made by contacting  IC Asociados S.A. using the email, indicating in the subject line the reference LOPD.

IC Asociados S.A. does not vouch for the veracity of the information that is not provided by them and information indicated as being from another source, for which they also assume no responsibility for any hypothetical damage that might arise from the use of said information.

IC Asociados S.A. reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in its web pages, even being able to limit or not allow access to said information.

IC Asociados S.A. exonerates itself of responsibility for any damage or harm that the User might suffer as a consequence of mistakes, faults or omissions in the information provided by  IC Asociados S.A. provided that it proceeds from sources unconnected to  IC Asociados S.A..


IC Asociados S.A. may use cookies when a User browses the pages of its website.

The cookies that might be used on the website are only associated with the user of a specific computer (an anonymous user), and do not contain the name and surname of the User. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible for  IC Asociados S.A. to recognised browsers as registered Users once they have registered for the first time, without them having to register upon each visit to access the areas and services reserved exclusively for them. The cookies used cannot read cookie files created by other providers. The User is able to configure his browser so that they are warned when cookies are used so they can prevent cookies being installed on their hard drive. To use the website, it is not necessary to allow the installation of cookies provided by IC Asociados S.A., notwithstanding in such cases it may be necessary for the User to register as a user for each one of the services that requires prior registration.

The cookies that are used on the pages of the website might be kept on the servers of IC Asociados S.A., in which case they will be stored on the different servers used for them, or on the services of determined third parties who provide us with their services and provide cookies for IC Asociados S.A. (as for example, the cookies that are used for advertising purposes or specific content and which allow the User to see the advertising or certain content over the time, number of times and in the form predetermined). Providing that you have not activated the option which prevents cookies being stored on your hard drive, you can explore your hard drive by following the instruction manual or operating system help (normally on Windows operating systems you will have to look in the folder “C:(or the drive letter of the corresponding disc)/Windows/Cookies”) to know in greater detail from which server each cookie is sent.


The purpose for which personal data provided to us is used is clearly defined in the information clause of each of our sections where personal date might be collected.

The exercise of rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition.

As is indicated in the sections where personal data is provided to us, you will be able to direct your rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition to the email address or by ordinary mail, by writing to IC Asociados S.A. , Ref. LOPD, at the address Parque Empresarial Los Llanos Avda. de Salteras P-266 B-3 41.909 Salteras; Sevilla. To exercise said rights in compliance with Instruction 1/1998, of the 19th of January, of the Data Protection Agency, it is necessary that you prove your identity to IC Asociados S.A. by sending a copy of your National Identity Document or another means valid in law.

Security measures

IC Asociados S.A. has adopted the levels and measures of security for personal date protection by installing in its systems and files the technical measures necessary to guarantee the confidential treatment of the data, avoid their loss, alteration and unauthorised access.

Acceptance and Consent

The User declares they have been informed of the personal data protection conditions, by accepting and consenting to the automated handling of the same by IC Asociados S.A., in the form and for the purposes indicated in the information clause present in each of the sections where personal data can be obtained.